The value of Fundamentals- take our student’s word for it!

A student who worked for one of the companies that Paddlers’ Realm provides training for wrote me this message:

He took a fundamental skill we taught for only a few minutes at the start of our flat water sea kayaking program, and applied it to a different craft, IK (Inflatable Kayak) in a much different environment- a river.

The fundamentals are not only essential but transferable.
One of the things we stress during our training sessions is that we are training you for your paddling future, not simply for your next sea kayaking adventure, or to pass an assessment or to complete the course for your employer. Almost everyone we meet goes on to do great adventures in many different paddling disciplines.  The fundamentals- especially the way we introduce and coach/instruct/teach people through these skills- really are the foundation skills applicable to all paddling disciplines and crucial to setting yourself up for future success no matter what your ambitions are.

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