Sightseeing And Sea Kayaking

The kayaks and gear are preloaded, all we have to do is get outfitted for the day and set off for Blackstone Bay.

The roughly 45 minute ride affords us the opportunity to take in all the beautiful scenery between the harbor in Passage Canal and Blackstone Bay, Harriman Fjord, College Fjord, Unakwik Inlet, or Nassau Fjord.  Keep a sharp look out for whales, porpoise, otters and seals along the way.  Scan the shoreline for bears, deer, porcupine and marmots- possibly even a wolverine.

Once at our tidewater glacier destination, we will relax in front of the tidewater glaciers watching for the ice to break free from the glacier plummeting into the ocean, look for sea creatures and birdlife.

We will get dropped off at a beach with our kayaks and gear to enjoy a freshly made lunch. Once refueled and refreshed we will begin our paddle in front of the tidewater glaciers with the icebergs and calving glaciers.
The charter vessel stays with us while we paddle which allows for ultimate flexibility!

This is just one sample of some of the options available for the sightseeing and sea kayaking trips. If you want a longer day of sea kayaking or sightseeing or both, we can do that.


5 hour sightseeing and 4-5 hour paddle
$2600 for up to 6 people