Alaskan Sea Kayaking Day Trips

Passage Canal Tours

Passage Canal is a wonderful venue for a day of paddling. The rugged Chugach mountains surround you housing the northern most range of the temperate rainforest, piedmont and hanging glaciers. Opportunities for mountain goats, marmots, black bears, seals, sea lions, sea otters, eagles, kittiwakes, murres, pigeon guillemots and too many other sea/shore birds to list, and Humpback and Orca whales. The longer you’re out the more opportunity you have to experience and embrace this unique environment.

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3-4 Hour Introductory Paddle

If you’ve never tried sea kayaking, but always wanted to, this is a great introduction to sea kayaking.
On this trip we depart from the harbor, paddle along the southern shore line exploring coves and salmon streams, do an open water crossing (if the weather allows) to the north shore, spend time at the Kittiwake Rookery where thousand of sea birds nest, pod up in the water and swarm overhead. We then do another open water crossing back to the harbor.

3 to 4 miles.
Offered daily starting at 8:00 am, 11:00 am, 4:00 pm.We can adjust this time based on your schedule.
$100/person, minimum 2 people or monetary equivalent+ 5% Whittier sales tax

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5 Hour Shotgun Cove

On this trip we either start in Whittier, have lunch at a beach along the way and meet the charter boat in Shotgun Cove for our ride back to Whittier, or get dropped off by the charter boat in Shotgun Cove and stop for lunch along the shore as we paddle back to Whittier.
$275/person with a minimum of 4 people or the monetary equivalent+ 5% Whittier sales tax.
This trip is dependent on the availability of a charter boat.
Snacks and hot drinks included.


6 Hour Intermediate Paddle

This is an extended version of the introductory paddle. We have more time to explore, stop for lunch, and take some short walks through the temperate rainforest.  
5 to 8 miles
Offered daily starting at 8:00 am, 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.  We can adjust this start time based on your schedule.
$180/person with a minimum of 2 people or the monetary equivalent. +5% Whittier sales tax.
Snacks and hot drinks included.

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7-10 Hour Passage Canal Paddle

As many miles as we can squeeze out of the day.  
Offered daily starting at 8:00 am.
$250/person minimum of 2 people or monetary equivalent. +5% Whittier sales tax
Snacks and hot drinks included.

Tidewater Glacier Day Trips:
The Ultimate Alaskan Sea Kayaking Experience!

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Enjoy the spectacular sights from the charter as we make our way from Whittier to Blackstone Bay, Harriman Fjord, or Nassau Fjord. Once at our drop-off beach we’ll pack the boats, go through a short orientation and outfitting session, then kayak towards the tidewater glaciers that have been rumbling.  Our day consists of making our way through the ice towards the towering faces of ice, watching for seals and sea birds to stealthily surface, stopping for lunch and a stroll along the beach, scanning the shore for wildlife and settling in front of the glaciers in anticipation of ice calving.  The air is pristine.  The scenery is absolutely stunning.

Blackstone Bay:IMGP1919

Western Prince William Sound
$400/person with a 4* person minimum or
the monetary equivalent. +5% Whittier sales tax.
Departs at 9:15, returns to Whittier by 6:15
Snacks and hot drinks included.

*If you do not have a group of at least 4, no problem! We will pair you with others looking for a trip on the same day.
Click here to go to see trips to join

Blackstone Bay photo gallery

Harriman Fjord

Harriman july 2010 177

30 miles from Whittier
Northwestern Prince William Sound
$700/person* with a minimum of 4 people or the financial equivalent. +5% Whittier sales tax.
Charter is hired for the day.

Harriman Fjord photo gallery

Nassau Fjord
70 miles from Whittier
Southwestern Prince William Sound
$900/person with a minimum of 4 people or the financial equivalent. +5% Whittier sales tax.
Charter is hired for the day.

Nassau Fjord photo gallery

Included in all Day Trips

Snacks and hot drinks included.
Properly outfitted kayak*: single or double, plastic or fiberglass, paddle, spray skirt, P.F.D., rain gear: paddling jacket, bibs, rubber boots, and pogies.

*Tandem kayaks are used on all day trips, unless there is appropriate experience to warrant single kayak use. If you’re inexperienced and/or interested in paddling single kayaks consider a day of instruction or an instructional day trip.

Advanced Day Trips

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When the Wind Blows:

Whittier is certainly known for being a windy place; whether its coming out of the east or the west. Unfortunately the wind can force us to cancel some of our day trips.  But if you/your group have the right set of skills, then it is a perfect opportunity to get suited up in dry suits and go play in the wind and waves.
There is very little advanced notice for these trips:  Watch the forecast, check the website, and get on the e-mail list.  Even when wind is forecasted for Passage Canal, we won’t know if it is going to materialize until that day.

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Tidal and River Current:

Portage River is a class one river on the other side of the tunnel in Portage Valley.  These are just 2 of the local options to do a day trip in conditions.  Turnagain Arm runs from Anchorage to Portage Valley.   The “Arm” is home to some of the largest tidal fluctuations in North America. There are many rivers on the Kenai Peninsula with rivers that are perfect for sea kayaks.
It’s best to set these trips up at least a day ahead so we can sort out the logistics. 


Walk-in business is encouraged and very much appreciated, reservations guarantee the opportunity for us to go paddling together. Please e-mail or call ahead when forming your plans.