Instruction Calendar

2021 Sea Kayak Courses

Below is the schedule for 2021 sea kayaking instructional opportunities.  If you see a course you’d like to in but it doesn’t fit your schedule, please get in touch and we will work with you to make it happen! The schedule is subject to change based on enrollment and conditions.

Offered Daily:

Introduction to Paddling- Basic skills to be used in sea kayaking, river kayaking, canoeing, standup paddleboarding, packrafting

Balance Bracing and Rolling


Our schedule in May is dedicated to the high demand for guide training and certification for a variety of companies throughout Southcentral Alaska.  Dates will open up as all of our schedules line up.  We’re very thankful to be the go-to company for outfitters and lodges to train and certify their guide, but sorry for the inconvenience to those looking for courses in May.
Please contact us for more information. 

May 6-10:

Comprehensive I
New to sea kayaking and looking to get a solid grip on this sport?
This course is the guide training program we put together for outfitters and lodges looking to get their guides a comprehensive course.  However,  covering: flat water skills, maneuvers and rescues, seamanship: chart and map reading, tides and current, VHF radio overview and protocol, signaling devices, repair and safety gear.  Please see the links below for course syllabi.

Level 1 Introduction to Kayaking
Level 2 Essentials of Kayak Touring
Level 3 Coastal Kayak Basic Strokes and Rescues
Level 3 Coastal Kayak Stroke and Maneuver Refinement
Level 2 Essentials of Kayak Touring Trip Leader


5th-6th  Whittier Instructional Weekend:
Introduction and Beyond: sea kayaking, skills maneuvers, recues and seamanship: ACA Sea kayaking Levels 1-3


10-11 ACA Level 2 Essentials of Kayak Touring

 17-18 ACA Level 3 Stroke, maneuver and rescue refinement

23-25  ACA Level 4 open water coastal kayaking skills 


7-8 ACA Level 3 Stroke, maneuver and rescue refinement.   

13-17  Comprehensive I – with a focus on current 

20-23 Comprehensive II- with focus on strong current


4-5 Intermediate Wind Waves and Current -ACA Level 4

11-12 Intermediate Wind Waves and Current -ACA Level 4

24-29 End of season big tide party: Intermediate Wind Waves and Current -ACA Level 4