Pricing and Policy


The pricing below by no means exhausts all the options as there are so many variables of group size, destinations and desires. Paddlers’ Realm is founded on flexibility and custom experiences. Please contact us for more specific possibilities.

Anything is Possible!

Day Trips

Passage Canal

 minimum people
*including 5% sales tax
lunch included    
Kittiwake Loop 3-4 hour 2 $85      
Billings Glacier 5-6 hour 2 $150 X    
Paddle and Hike
8 hour
2 $200 X    

Tidewater Glacier

Blackstone Bay
Full day
4 $320 X    

Sight Seeing and Kayaking/Hiking

Blackstone Bay  4    X    
Harriman Fjord  4    X    
Icy Bay  4    X    


It’s crucial to remember that on all trips you are voluntarily entering into mother natures’ domain to go sea kayaking.  In undertaking this endeavor you express a desire to paddle, which requires varying levels of physical exertion and accept that some directions must be followed to ensure the safety of yourself and the group you are a part of.  If a private trip is not requested then there is a chance of becoming part of another group in which case, and like the private trip, functioning as a group is required.   Private trips can be reserved for an additional cost.

Reservations for: Day Trips, Tidewater Glacier Day Trips and Multiday Trips
A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required upon booking your reservation. The remainder will be due the day of your reservation, prior to departure.

Please consider acquiring trip insurance as Paddlers’ Realm reserves the right to alter dates, prices and itineraries due to circumstances beyond our control. Inclement weather can postpone our departure, alter the paddling venue, or cause the trip to be cancelled.