Sea Kayaking Day Trips to Join

Blackstone Bay Tidewater Glacier Day Trips to Join

In an effort to try to get everyone who contacts us on the water, we created this page to help facilitate the solo, and groups of 2 and 3 people looking to join a trip.   We keep our trips small, but for the Blackstone Bay Day trip, we require a minimum of 4 people, or the financial equivalent, to make the trip run.  Below are dates and the number of people already booked.  (We update this as often as possible)

July 2nd, 2 people 

July 5th 2 people

July 8th, 1 person

July 13th, 2 people

July 23rd, 2 people

July 29th, 2 people

August 16th 2 people


Passage Canal Trips- paddle from Whittier



June 9th x 1   3- 4 hour or 5-6 hour